About Us

CUPE 1287 is a composite local, representing workers in 11 units at workplaces throughout the Niagara Region.

For information about CUPE in your workplace, including your collective agreement, find the unit where you work in the units menu.

Your Executive

Contact Number – 905-685-0001

President Judy Murray president@cupe1287.com
1st Vice President Maurice Gauthier firstvp@cupe1287.com
2nd Vice President Brenda Cervantes secondvp@cupe1287.com
Secretary Treasurer Tammy DeRocco treasurer@cupe1287.com
Membership Officer Roxanne Yorkston
Health and Safety Coordinator Jennifer McDowell
Job Equity Co-ordinator Lucretia Harris lucretia.harris@niagararegion.ca
WSIB & RTW Representative Dianna Fulton SMJBCL2@gmail.com
EFAP Fiona Barr fdbarr2019@outlook.com
VP Niagara Region Admin and Tech Rhonda McCabe
GO Niagara Region Admin and Tech
VP Niagara Region Community Services Maureen Joseph
GO Niagara Region Community Services Jennifer Stanley
VP Niagara Region Environmental Jason Wiens
GO Niagara Region Environmental Brandon Lynn
VP Niagara Region Transportation
GO Niagara Region Transportation
VP CMHA Debbie Kirchmayer
GO CMHA Jennifer Reid-Gregory
VP Hope Centre Colleen McMillan
GO Hope Centre
VP John Howard Society Kaley Williams
GO John Howard Society Ben Wilby
VP Niagara SPCA & Humane Society
GO Niagara SPCA & Humane Society
VP St. Catharines Lincoln Humane Society
GO St. Catharines Lincoln Humane Society
VP St. Catharines Museum
GO St. Catharines Museum
VP Town of Lincoln Graeme Newbigging
GO Town of Lincoln
VP Town of Pelham Brian Smith
GO Town of Pelham
VP Township of Wainfleet Phil Leggett
GO Township of Wainfleet Bill Kilpatrick
VP Township of West Lincoln Barb Hutchinson
GO Township of West Lincoln Doug Shirton


Executive Assistant Tricia Weaver office@cupe1287.com
National Representative Amanda Wells


Download (PDF, 934KB)

Local 1287 Code of Conduct

Download (PDF, 133KB)

Equality Statement

Download (PDF, 42KB)