Support Striking Workers of CUPE Local 2276

“The members of CUPE 2276 are proud to empower and support people with intellectual disabilities. But their employer won’t even ensure enough staff so workers can go home at the end of a shift. Instead of being able to reliably care for their own families and loved ones after an eight-hour day, these front-line workers are often “stuck on shift” for up to 36 hours with no one to relieve them. That means not being able to pick up their kids or take care of their parents – and it also means exhausted caregivers for the individuals who need support.

These workers want a fair deal that provides for them and the people that rely on their care. But so far Community Living Port Colborne-Wainfleet has refused to address the roots of the problem, including respect, morale, and staff retention.”

Information from the Better Community Living CUPE web site. Please visit for more information on how you can support these workers!