Public Health Sector Survey Open

Public Health Sector Survey

The purpose of the survey is to identify key priorities for bargaining and political action among our members who work in public health units across the province, and report back to the public health caucus at the Ontario Municipal Employee’s Coordinating Committee (OMECC) Conference in April 2023.

During the OMECC Conference taking place April 11-15 in Toronto, survey results will help us strategize on how we can fight back against funding cuts, privatization, and public health amalgamation. Bill 23, which was recently enacted by the Ford Government, is estimated to result in a loss of 1 billion dollars of revenue over 10 years for the municipalities. Unless repealed this will lead to the reduction of services and job cuts. Health units, which are 30% funded by the municipalities, are in a vulnerable position. It is time to raise our voices in CUPE and the public!

In solidarity,

Merima Kostecki
President, Local 1559

Janet Dassinger
Researcher, Municipal Sector

Michael Maddock
National Servicing Representative
Associate Coordinator – Municipal Sector