Important OMERS Update from CUPE Ontario, Time Sensitive

For the 3rd time in 4 years, OMERS is trying to take away guaranteed indexing, an important benefit that protects our pensions from inflation when we retire.

They cynically call their proposal to cut guaranteed indexing “Shared Risk Indexing” but fail to mention it is only workers and retirees, like us, sharing the risk. This proposal, if passed, will actually benefit employers by shifting risk from employers to workers and retirees.

Get The Facts – Defend your OMERS Pension With NEW TOOLS

OMERS belongs to plan members – and we deserve to know details of what is being debated and being voted on by the OMERS Sponsors Corporation Board of Directors on June 24th.

Click here for a NEW Myth Buster Document where we unpack some of the “spin” that is being used by some to disguise the very worst parts of this proposal to remove guaranteed indexing.

Click here for a NEW CUPE Ontario Webinar recording on the proposed changes at OMERS. It’s full of important information about what’s at stake – with questions from plan members – and what YOU can do to try to stop it!

Click here for a NEW letter from CUPE New Brunswick that describes the devastating impact of the original “Shared Risk” pensions which came out of their province.

TAKE ACTION AND SHARE the FACTS – it’s important to get these NEW TOOLS out to as many OMERS members as possible and to make sure OMERS hears the voices of members.

Click here to send the OMERS Board of Directors a message to Defend Your OMERS pension.
Click here to share the Myth Buster Document on Facebook.
Click here to share the Webinar.
Click here for a number to CALL OMERS Directly – they NEED to hear from plan members.

In solidarity,

Fred Hahn
President, CUPE Ontario