Message from President #3 re: COVID-19

Dear Members of CUPE 1287,

Across our membership and various CUPE 1287 Units, we are going through a number of different transitions.

Bottom line, our CUPE 1287 members are staying strong for their co-workers, their communities, the public and yes, for our most vulnerable population.

THANK YOU!! It can’t be said enough.

Some Units are experiencing lay-off. Some front-line Units are/will be receiving hourly premiums due to working directly with the public during this pandemic, while other Members are wondering if they will be compensated the $4 shift premiums noted by the Province.

Please know that we have ongoing contact with the employers of our Units, seeking clarification and continuously advocating for you; however it is in the hands of the Provincial Government.

You may be experiencing Re-deployment, varied hours of work and/or different work schedules than you are used to. Under the Emergency Measures Act, the Declaration of Emergency issued by The Region and 12 other Municipalities and the various Regulations that the Provincial Government has issued, many changes can and will be happening. These orders do allow Employers to override our Collective Agreements; however in many cases the employers are working cooperatively with CUPE 1287 through Unit Executive (Assigned Top Officers, Unit VP’s and Grievance officers). We are doing our best to address and answer your questions, concerns. Don’t forget that your Health And Safety representatives are also available for discussion.

CUPE ONTARIO has a petition “ALL FRONT LINE WORKERS DESERVE PANDEMIC PAY”. I am encouraging all of us to sign the petition. Do so from your personal computer, tablet, phone.

There are 3 options for signing: 1) My position is NOT covered, but it should be; 2) My position is covered, and I believe other positions should be too; 3) I’m not working on the front lines of the pandemic, but I support workers who are.

Here is the direct link:

As I had stated in a previous President’s Message, please don’t forget to take care of yourselves. We are busy taking care of our families and adjusting to having everyone at home (working from home, doing school work, vying for computer time, looking for a quiet place to be ‘just by myself’). Or you may be one of our Members still going to work everyday. Take a moment for yourself. Take a nature walk, sit on your porch or balcony and just breathe, notice the sunshine (when it shows its face), the glow of the moon and how the dew shines in the morning light.

Working together and supporting each other, we will get through this.

Sharon Mills, President
CUPE 1287
C: 289-686-7582