Message from President #2, re: COVID-19

Dear Members of CUPE 1287,

I know that we are all working hard and being asked to do things that we never thought we would be asked to do.

It can’t be said enough, Thank you.  The work that you all continue to do is not going unnoticed.  Our clients and the communities that we live in need the supports that we, as members of CUPE 1287 provide every day in our jobs.  Each and every one of us is stressed, worried, frustrated…and the uncertainty goes on.

There have been individual emails that I have received as president, and yes I have yet to reply. If I have missed a reply to you, it is coming.  And I will do better. I know that my replies are important to you.

I want to re-iterate that your voice(s) are being heard.  It may appear and feel that nothing is being done.  This is not the case. Your concerns are being forwarded and addressed.

I cannot emphasize enough to all of you, to continue bringing your concerns and suggestions to your supervisors/managers, your union executive, stewards and Joint Occupational Health & Safety representatives.

With all our bargaining units that we represent, 1st VP Brandie, 2nd VP Kevin and I will continue to be your voice to all employers in CUPE 1287, on every members’ behalf.

Not all CUPE 1287 employers have it, but if yours does, make sure to access the services of your Employee Family Assistance Programs (EFAP).

I would encourage everyone to be accessing information updates that are posted on our CUPE National website: You can subscribe for the updates or regularly access. CUPE National deals with the Federal Government on National issues.

The Q & A on CERB (Canada Emergency Response Benefit)  is another example of helpful information. (March 25, 2020).

As well CUPE Ontario at .  They deal with issues on the Provincial Government level.

The Region’s Website is also a good resource for information; how to contact public health, information fact sheets on  COVID-19  from Niagara Regional Health as well as links to Public Health Ontario.

Again… stay informed, stay safe and stay well.

Sharon Mills, President
CUPE 1287
C: 289-686-7582